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Flamenco Classes in North Miami Beach, close to Miami, Aventrura, Sunny Isles Beach and other cities in Miami Dade County. 

  Baila​ ​Flamenco​ ​Dance​ ​Studio​'s goal is for students to learn the various traditional Spanish dance forms as they are taught in Spain​, by following the requisite elements of the complete Spanish​ ​dance​ curriculum, and exposing students to the correct foundational training in each style. In accomplishing this, Baila Flamenco will give students a greater advantage in pursuing a dance career at a Spanish​ ​dance​ ​conservatory​.  



 Flamenco is a highly expressive Spanish dance form with roots in Indian, Arabic and Spanish cultures. Intricate hand, arm, and body movements, hand clapping, and percussive footwork characterize the flamenco dance. Flamenco is undoubtedly the most recognized style of Spanish dance, as a result of the variety of dancers and musicians who practice it. Universally appealing in its aesthetic and emotionality, flamenco is an art that touches global audiences. Lacking this same appeal, the rest of the broad range of Spanish dance disciplines is virtually unknown outside of Spain. Our interest and purpose is the teaching and staging of these Spanish cultural treasures undiscovered by the public.  


Spain is one of the richest countries in terms of the variety of Folklore. Each region of Spain has its own unique dance, some being centuries old. Folklore is the most authentic cultural expression of a region.  The Spanish folk dances show diversity and beauty in their own unique way.

Escuela Bolera

 Escuela Bolera is an intricate style of Spanish dance and scenic art with a heavy Baroque influence that emerged from European courtly dances of the 17th century and flourished during the 18th century. Popularized during the era of the painter Goya, its most recognizable dances are known as Goyescas, short pieces performed in costumes using soft shoes and castanets. Escuela bolera combines many of the technically intricate steps of classical dance, primarily ballet, with traditional Spanish styles of music and dance, and highlights the grace of the period.  


  Classical Spanish Dance 

Classical Spanish is the most sophisticated form of choreography within the wide range of Spanish dance and employs the music of the great classical Spanish composers such as Manuel de Falla, Albéniz, Granados, and Turina. This style is normally interpreted with flamenco shoes and castanets, or sometimes with classical ballet shoes. While integrating elements of classical dance and escuela bolera, it relies heavily on the aesthetics of flamenco and Spanish folklore.  


The castanets are percussion instruments that deserve to be studied separately, allowing for the development of its full musical potential.  The castanets form a part of the traditional music and dances of Spain which make them a component of the Spanish cultural heritage of excellence.

  Classical Ballet 

To complete training as a dancer in any discipline it is necessary to study classical ballet. Formalized and developed since the 17th century, the essential techniques of classical ballet help the dancer integrate bodily control, elegance, and expression that can be transferred to all dance forms such as flamenco, jazz, and contemporary dance  

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