International Dance Program



  The International Spanish Dance program gives young artists the opportunity to specialize in the rich and diverse art forms that comprise Spanish Dance, while remaining versatile enough to meet the broad demands of a future career as a dance artist.  

  Baila Flamenco Dance Studio in North Miami Beach proposes to codify Spanish Dance and Flamenco education in the United States,and to better harmonize the expectations of Spanish dance conservatories with those of dance programs in the United States. To this purpose, they have created the International Spanish Dance Program as one of the studio's unique offerings for young dancers.  


  The International Spanish Dance Program will expose students to a curriculum that presents the wide array of Spanish dance styles, including courses in Classical Spanish Dance, Escuela Bolera, Stylized Spanish Dance, Flamenco, and the various Regional Folkloric dance styles. Participating young artists will also be trained in Classical Ballet for Spanish Dance, which facilitates the basic expressive range for all styles of this art. As participants progress, they will also be introduced to the work of guest choreographers who will assist each artist in connecting with expressive styles and contemporary variations of dance vocabulary, further preparing students for examination and certification by the ACADE (Association of Private Educational Centers) in Madrid, Spain.  


  In 2016, after a year and a half of intensive training, the program took its first four young artists from the United States to Spain, where they were evaluated by ACADE. This first cohort of the International Spanish Dance Program passed the exam with excellent ratings. Baila Flamenco Dance Studio's International Spanish Dance program will prepare professional young artists and give them the opportunity to acquire a Spanish Dance Certificate, and with it, better qualifications to pursue a Spanish dance career should they choose to audition at a conservatory in Spain or to pursue higher education in the performing arts at an international level.